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Private / Semi Private lesson

 English (K-12/ Adults)

  • Reading

This course will be offered to the various ages of students. According to a student’s level, we will utilize various teaching materials to improve their reading skill.

  • Writing

Writing is one of the main focuses in Language Arts and it gets emphasized from 4th through 12th grade.

In Lime Tutoring, upon request, teachers majored in English Writing (with at least an M.A degree) will teach students writing skills.


  • Grammar

In this course, we will build up a solid foundation of English, Grammar.

For adults or K-12 students, grammar is mainly required to develop their English to a higher level. The bilingual teacher will teach grammar from basic to advanced, which will prepare any students for their advanced level of English. Offered class: 12 weeks courses (two times a week)

  • Conversation Class

If you think your English is intermediate level or up, but you need to practice speaking more, you will have a conversation class with an American teacher. They will answer your questions about American Cultures, educations, and life. Through this class, your speaking skill will be gradually improved.

  • Test prep

SAT (English/ Math)

ACT (English/Math)

In Test Prep class, we have both bilingual teachers and American teachers available.

Our teachers are very experienced and passionate. They are excellent at figuring out what a student does not understand and explain them hard concepts in grammar and math.



  • K-12


  • K-12



 한국 귀국반


  • 기초 문법반 ( 일주일 2회)

  • 문법 완성반 ( 중급 이상- 일주일 1-2회)

  • 독해 작문반

  • 시험 대비반 (토플)


  • 초중고 학년별 진도


  • 물리,  화학, 생물



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